What is HARMONY ?

HARMONY is a new Strategy & Tactic Expert System, developed by Goldratt Research Labs, which can be used by experts and novices alike to capitalize on a breakthrough by Dr. Eli Goldratt in the design, validation, communication, planning, execution and auditing of Organizational or Individual Growth and Improvement Strategies and tactics.

HARMONY enables managers and other stakeholders at all levels to contribute in the development and validation of a comprehensive Strategy & Tactic (S&T) Tree for their organization as well as to facilitate the planning of the implementation of the S&T, monitoring of its execution and ability to analyze and resolve planning and execution decisions that block further improvement to create new Planning and Execution better practice rules.

New Research - Why so many of our change initiatives fail and how to prevent it?

What versions of Harmony are available?

Harmony is available in both a Desktop version for Windows based computers or a Web App version that can be run on any device with an internet browser such as PC’s, Macs, Tablets, Smart Phones etc.

There are three versions available in both Desktop and Web App:

  1. Harmony S&T Viewer (Free) that can be used to view generic S&Ts from the included S&T library or any S&Ts developed with Harmony Desktop or Web App.
  2. Harmony S&T ChangeDesigner that can be used to design, validate and communicate S&Ts either from scratch or from customizing generic S&Ts available from the Goldratt S&T library consisting of S&Ts developed and approved for release by Dr. Eli Goldratt and from the Community S&T Library containing S&Ts developed and shared by a growing Harmony user base.
  3. Harmony S&T ChangeMaker that can be used to plan the implementation of a S&T as well as to update implementation status and monitor the execution status of an S&T. The Harmony Web App ChangeMaker version also contains new functionality to analyze and resolve planning and execution decisions and to convert these into “Better practices” that can be added to a library and used to build/customize an S&T.

How do I download Harmony ?

The three existing versions of this application (the free Harmony S&T viewer, Harmony S&T Developer and Harmony S&T Implementer Version) are all available to download from webapp.harmonyapps.com.

How do I subscribe to Harmony online?

You can click on this link and follow the prompts.

How do I renew my existing Harmony subscription online?


Is there a demo video on how to use Harmony ?

Yes, you can find it a 10min demo of Harmony S&T Desktop software at Video

Is there an iPhone / iPad app for Harmony ?

There are still two versions available for use on your iPad/iPhone: The free Harmony Viewer (that you can use to view generic S&Ts) and a paid version (of Harmony Viewer (to view any S&T created on Harmony Desktop) at a cost of $19.95. These are available to download from the App Store.

Is there a web application available for Harmony ?

Please use this link to subscribe for a free Harmony S&T viewer or a subscription based Harmony S&T Change Designer and Harmony S&T Change Maker.

How do I use Harmony on my Mac?

The current desktop version is not compatible with Mac, but the new web-based version which will be released by June 2012 will be compatible for use on your Mac.

Can I use the Harmony Web App while offline?

Yes. The new Harmony Web App functionality allows users to keep using the app even if not connected to the internet. They simply login to webapp.harmonyapps.com while they have a internet connection, then select “Go Offline” and select the S&Ts they want to work on while offline. Once completed and they again have access to the internet, simply select “Go Online” (icon in top middle) and Harmony will synchronize and update all the S&Ts edited with the version in the cloud.

Where do I download recent research papers and other free content?

You can visit the following page to download free content or continue to Amazon.com to purchase copies of Theory of Constraints books.

Where can I order books on Theory of Constraints?

You can visit our products page to purchase copies of Theory of Constraints books.

How do I get in touch with Theory of Constraints practitioners?

You can contact Goldratt Research Labs to get in touch with a TOC practitioner in your area.

How to purchase Harmony Enterprise License online?

You can download guide here.

How to purchase Harmony online?

You can download guide here.

How to subscribe to Harmony Desktop and Web Change Maker guide?

You can download guide here.

When trying to run Harmony Desktop, I get a “Failed to set data for data” Windows error. What can I do?

This error is a Windows exception error that is caused when software like HARMONY is trying to access the Windows Registry to read or update a Registration code without the necessary admin rights being granted to this software by Windows. The fix is quite simple in most cases.

Just right click on the HARMONY Desktop icon and select "Run as Administrator" or if this option is not visible, using Right Click, select "Properties", then select "Compatibility" and finally then select the "Run as Administrator" option.

If this does not work, it might require you to uninstall Harmony , login as Administrator on your computer, re-install it selecting "Everyone" can access the software.... but most of the time the quick fix works...

How to subscribe to Harmony Desktop and Web Change Maker guide?

You can share any S&T created with other HARMONY users, either by specifying the emails of those you want to share the S&T with or by submitting the S&T to the Community S&T library granting either “View Only” or “Change” rights to all HARMONY users. When you share an S&T with the Harmony Web App to other users, they will receive an email and provide them the option to subscribe to the free Harmony Web App Viewer (if they only need to view the S&T) or to subscribe to the paid Harmony Change Designer or Change Maker versions.

Where can I get more information about S&Ts and/or download recent research papers and other free content on Theory of Constraints?

You can get more information on S&Ts and Theory of Constraints, including new research papers from www.goldrattresearchlabs.com. A great reference book on all the latest developments and applications of Theory of Constraints is the “Theory of Constraints Handbook” that can be purchased from Amazon as either a physical book or e-book.

How do I get in touch with Theory of Constraints practitioners?

You can contact Goldratt Research Labs to get in touch with a TOC practitioner in your area or go to www.tocico.org where you will find a database of all TOC practitioners around the globe that have been certified by the Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization.

How do we protect your information in Harmony WebApp?

We are committed to providing our customers with a secure AWS cloud database and web application to ensure your S&T and other information remains “for your eyes only”. We strive to utilize state-of-the-art technology to protect your information. As such, we employ a wide range of security features for our website.

These include:

  1. Secure login
    For logging into online application you need to use your email and Harmony account password.
  2. SSL Encrypted Web Page and Database
    When you log in successfully to our online Harmony Web App your web browser will establish a 256-bit secure socket layer (SSL) connection between your computer and our web servers. SSL stands for ‘Secure Socket Layer’. SSL is a protocol used to transmit information securely over the internet. The SSL encrypts sensitive information so it cannot be opened or understood by anyone other than the intended receiver. The 256-bit SSL gives the most secure encryption available. You can see whether a web page is secure by:

    Checking the web page URL: Normally, when browsing the web, the URLs (web page addresses) begin with the letters "http". However, over a secure connection the address displayed should begin with "https". Note the "s" at the end. Try it! - Visit our home page webapp.harmonyapps.com. Note the URL begins with ‘https’, meaning that the user name and password typed in as well as any information shared will be encrypted before being sent to our server.

Harmony Desktop Help

Harmony Desktop 10min Tutorial

Harmony Web App Help

Harmony Web App 10min Tutorial

How can we help you?

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