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About Harmony Software

With Harmony , we aim to provide a simple, easy and fast software tool to enable Managers and Theory of Constraints experts to Design, Validate and Communicate Strategy & Tactic (S&T) Trees for their organizations, to effectively and efficiently Plan the implementation as well as to Monitor and effectively Manage the implementation of their S&T (Execution Management).

Harmony is made up of 5 integrated modules that covers S&T Design, Validation, Planning, Execution and achieving a Process of Ongoing Improvement (POOGI).

To ensure Harmony remains simple and easy to use by both experts and novices alike, new developments are focused on adding only those features which our growing base of Harmony Beta users have indicated as critical within the design, communication, planning and or execution management of S&T's within their or their customer's organizations.

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Who is Goldratt Research Labs?

The vision of Goldratt Research Labs is to develop and apply a discovery process that will result in the creation and dissemination of new TOC knowledge through win:win:win partnerships, typically with organizations that are already considered to be the leaders within their industries, but for which a generic TOC solution does not yet exist or where the application of TOC will require significant translation.

The objective of these partnerships are two fold. Firstly, to use the mindset and methods f TOC to jointly analyze, develop and test the required new TOC knowledge to help these organizations to overcome a specific improvement limitation or achieve what they consider to be an unattainable goal (the “win” for GRL and for the organization) and secondly, to convert this specific problem and specific solution into a general problem and general solution that will enable other organizations within that industry to benefit while protecting key aspects that would be considered decisive differentiators (the “win” for others within this and other similar industries)

The company was established on 1st January 2008 at the request of Dr Eli Goldratt to create an organization that will become the spearhead for new developments and testing to the TOC body of knowledge.

If, after researching the TOC body of knowledge and large reference bank, you believe your organization might satisfy the above criteria (i.e. that no generic TOC solution exist yet or that most likely, the application of a TOC would require significant modifications to achieve the required or desired improvement in goal units), you are welcome to contact Alan Barnard.

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