What’s New at HARMONY…

Announcing our latest and biggest upgrade to HARMONY, packed with exciting new features and even a new stand-alone version to make HARMONY even better, simpler, faster and easier to use…

We are especially proud to announce:

  • A new stand-alone version of HARMONY called HARMONY Decision Maker designed specially to give users access to the five steps of the Change Matrix Cloud process to help them make better faster decisions or learn from past decision mistakes
  • Lots of new functionality available to our HARMONY Change Designer and Change Maker users
  • The Number of Harmony users around the globe now exceeding over 5,000 users from over 70 different countries
  • Growing number of S&Ts and Decisions being submitted to our Community Libraries by our users
  • Our Research partnerships with the Sport Science Institute in Cape Town South Africa where we are using the Change Matrix Cloud Process to interview people that are overweight to understand the assumptions behind the decision they experience in changing their diets and also who they blame for their problem and their decision.
  • Our new Harmony Reseller Program
  • Special Award given to Dr. Alan Barnard, creator of HARMONY, at TOCICO 2015 conference for the development of the simplified Thinking Process (the Change Matrix Cloud Process) by Dr. James Holt from Washington State University.
  • Two new HARMONY team members joining Goldratt Research Labs and Harmony team.
....And off-course, we will share a few trips and tricks our HARMONY super users find valuable...

The new HARMONY Decision Maker…

The new HARMONY DecisionMaker gives users direct access to the five steps of the Change Matrix Cloud Process. Each step was designed to help overcome one of the five most common mistakes when making decisions or trying to learn from experience. We have created two YouTube explanation videos to share with you how the Change Matrix Cloud process evolved to keep the benefits while addressing the limitations of Benjamin Franklin’s Pro/Con List and Dr. Eli Goldratt’s Change Matrix and Evaporating Cloud methods.

Video 1 – evolution of change matrix cloud process
Video 2 – application of change matrix cloud process

The Odyssey Program

The Odyssey program is a learning experience that makes use of the Harmony Decision Maker, enabling attendees to identify any problem or expectation gap -  in an area of their life or organization - that really bothers them. Harmony Decision Maker takes them through a step-by-step process for evaluating whether or not the problem is important enough to work on; understand the decisions and underlying assumptions that could be holding them back to resolve the decision; evaluate various options that can provide a win-win solution; and how to create a detailed plan to implement and test this new solution in their organization or life.

New HARMONY Functionality

NEW! Print your S&T Trees and Decisions directly to MS Word

This new functionality allows users to now export S&T Trees and Decisions they created in HARMONY as MS Word documents. This provides even more options for sharing, publication, edits, and accessibility. You can access it by simply clicking on the PRINT icon in HARMONY. Alternatively, next to each record in your library, you will now see additional links for EXPORT. Simply select the record and click the link to export. The result is professional & easy to read documentation in a universally accessible format. Now it’s easier than ever to include S&T or Decision content into business plans, proposals, and other important communication documents for your organization.

New! Now use HARMONY to merge 3 Decisions into a Core Decision

In Theory of Constraints we use the “3-Cloud” approach to find the Core Decision related to specific performance or expectation gap related decisions in different parts of the system. In Harmony’s S&T Audit module, users can not only define and resolve specific GAP related decisions as Change Matrix clouds, but can now use the new MERGE functionality to merge 3 or more Gap Decisions to find their Core Decision. Just select the decisions and click “MERGE”. Harmony will copy all the specific content from each of these decisions into the core decision template making it easy to find what is in common to verbalize the core decision

NEW! Harmony Reseller Program and Registration

A number of Consultants have requested to add functionality to HARMONY to make it easy for them to register as HARMONY resellers. \ This will allow them to offer HARMONY at a special price to their customers. To register as a Reseller, just click on “RESELLER” link on the webapp.harmonyapps.com homepage and follow the process. Franklin’s Pro/Con List and Dr. Eli Goldratt’s Change Matrix and Evaporating Cloud methods.

Helpful Tips and Tricks

Our Team shares some of our favorite tips for ease of use and productivity in Harmony:

  • You can easily move nodes around in the S&T by clicking and dragging on the top right hand corner of a node. When you start building an S&T, its not always clear which level or sequence a node (change initiative) belong. Don’t worry- It’s easy to rearrange once you get started!
  • Use the Throughput Accounting model in the S&T Validation Module to estimate the Low, Likely and High expected financial impact of any node and then roll these up to the level 1 node to check if there is sufficient buffer to meet the company's target.
  • Add or delete a Grouping on a node, by selecting the grey line and click “Allocate/ De-allocate Node to Group”
  • When there is any resolved decision loaded in My Decisions Library, the “Import Node” button is active and can be used to add the best practice solution derived from your Decision to your S&T Tree. Simply select the decision(s) you want to load from the homepage and then open the S&T.

Our New Team member

We are excited to introduce you to new Goldratt Research Labs and Harmony team member. Jaco-Ben Vosloo joined our team in August 2015. He brings a wealth of experience

You can reach Jaco-Ben at:


HARMONY What’s New 4th Quarter 2014

Now view S&Ts and Clouds in your native language with embedded Google Translate

Two months ago we released functionality to allow you to use HARMONY in your home language. Knowing how many of our users develop an S&T or Decision Cloud in one language and would like others to view the content in another language, we've gone all the way and are now proud to release our new "Content Translate" functionality. With just one click, you can now instantly view the full content of any S&T or Cloud in over 80 languages using our new embedded Google Translate widget!

New S&T dashboard views of Strategies, Tactics and Execution Status

One of the complaints we've received is that the titles of S&T nodes is not enough detail for stakeholders but that opening node details showing all the assumptions of necessity and sufficiency is too much. In response, we've developed a middle way. Why not use the S&T tree view to show not just a Title of the change that node represents, but also the Strategy (what for) and Tactic (How to) of that change. We've developed a similar S&T tree dashboard view to also see the strategy achievement and tactic completion status without having to open individual nodes. This makes validation and project reviews much faster and simpler without overwhelming stakeholders with too much details.

Simpler ways to edit or create new Project Network dependencies

We've now made it MUCH simpler and faster to modify S&T Plan networks. HARMONY offers the ability to quickly create a critical chain based project plan to ensure a focused implementation without multi-tasking. This automated feature simply connects all the lowest nodes in your S&T will simple end-starts in series. If you want to edit or create new dependencies, you can now do this graphically. Just click on a node (or touch it for iPad users) and a red dot will appear. Now just drag the red dot to the node you want to connect it to with an end-start or start-start dependency. As simple as that.

Now you can do your S&T Project Costing directly in HARMONY

Many of our users asked if we could include the option to add S&T project implementation costing at the tactic level. We thought this was a great idea, so our new version offers Project Costing functionality that allows you to specify daily rates and estimated man-days by Tactic for each Tactic participant to calculate the total S&T project implementation costs. This option is available under the new icon "Project Costing" on S&T Planning. The Project Cost is also part of the new MS Word export to enable users to use the export as a Business Plan or Project Proposal. From the screenshot below, you can see the Project Costing sheet, and also the impact of using Critical chain planning to aggregate safety into a Project Buffer will have on the execution speed of this project.

Helpful Tips and Tricks

Our Team shares some of our favorite tips for ease of use and productivity in Harmony :

  • You can use the S&T Planning module to quickly turn your S&T Tree into a Project Plan. Just define the project resources, click on Create Project Network using default settings and then allocate specific resources as Strategy Owners (accountable for achieving a Strategy), Tactic Managers (responsible for managing implementation of the Tactic) and Tactic Participants (team working on Tactic Implementation) for each Node.
  • You can then view the Project Plan as a Project Gantt and use the "Critical Chain" check box to see how much faster you can implement the S&T if you enabled Critical chain project planning which aggregate 50% of the safety embedded in each task estimate as a Project Buffer at the end. Node to Group"

Updated Goldratt's Dice Game Update

Goldratt Research Labs has recently release a new version in iTunes of their Goldratt's Dice Game for iPhone and iPads. The new version is only 99c and includes a new Bonus Level where you can freely experiment to find the highest leverage points to maximize your profit. The new version also include a new World Leader board so you can compete with and compare your score and setup for each of the three levels with other players around the world....and yes, we've already seen cases where the kids outperform their TOC trained parents...

Watch the video here


Why & How to validate our Assumptions...

Dr. Goldratt taught us that the ultimate constraint in organizations is management attention; simply because the number of things that demand or could benefit from their attention will always exceed their capacity. Dr. Alan Barnard, CEO of Goldratt Research Labs shared his latest research on how managers can find those assumptions that waste their management attention and productivity in this keynote presented at a recent seminar hosted by Daiwa House and Fujitsu in Japan.

The game is ideal for those times that you want to or need to be distracted a little ... to regain focus...and have some fun and learn something about managing flow in the process. So why not take a break...download it...and challenge your kids and colleagues to see who can get the highest score for each of the three levels.


Using Simulation to test our assumptions...

Every assumption in a Strategy & Tactic Tree or Change Matrix cloud provides insights into what stakeholders believe will work or not. We can test these assumptions logically or through actual implementation experiments. But there is another way to test assumptions. You can construct a dynamic simulation model representing any system, the work that flows through the system, the resources that do the work and the planning & execution rules that governs their performance.

Goldratt Research Labs have developed many such simulations with clients from both the Private and Public Sector. The below screenshots show a few of these models developed in AnyLogic (see www.runthemodel.com) to help organizations validate key assumptions they used to justify the change initiative proposed in their Organizations' S&T before actually starting a real proof-of-concept pilot or implementation. With these simulations, you not only can measure the impact of different resource capacities and/or changes in planning and execution policies and processes on operational and financial performance, but you can even measure the impact of such changes on management attention by monitor the amount of special cause variation events a specific scenario will generate. If you have would like to get more details on any of these models or have any questions, please contact Dr. Alan Barnard at contact


3D ER Simulation

Mining Supply Chain Simulation

3D Steel Plant Simulation

3D Oil Supply Simulation

Harmony Training Workshops

Learn how to leverage HARMONY to manage your business transformation, solve real world problems and decisions, and communicate more clearly.

Do you want a free demo or need help in validating your Strategy and Tactic tree, creating and managing the implementation plan, or seeking advice on how to institutionalize the Audit functionality to resolve implementation problems and/or decisions?

We now have a team of experts available for custom-tailored workshop to ensure you are getting the full value from your Harmony software. We also offer 'train the trainer' programs to help consultants and implementers learn the most effective way to leverage Harmony for big improvement results!

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