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CEO Goldratt Research Labs South Africa

Dr. Alan Barnard is recognized as one of the leading TOC Experts in the world. For the last 15 years, he has worked with Dr. Eli Goldratt on developing new TOC knowledge and leading TOC analysis and implementations for typically large and complex organizations from both the private sector and the public sector. He has applied TOC to achieve his personal goal of helping organizations and individuals identify and unlock their inherent potential.

Dr. Barnard is CEO of Goldratt Research Labs, Director of Goldratt Group Africa, Chairman of Realization Africa, Chairman of African Phosphates and Chairman of The Odyssey Institute.

He was a founding board member and chairman of TOCICO (Theory of Constraints Certification Organization) from 2003-2005, currently serves as chair for the TOCICO Business Strategy Certification committee and received the TOCICO Lifetime Membership award in 2006.

Jaco-Ben Vosloo
Director Simulation and Technology at Goldratt Research Labs

Jaco-Ben is an industrial engineer with extensive experience in Simulation modeling to determine the potential performance of systems and the impact of changing the rules and other conditions on system performance. He has worked with Dr. Alan Barnard to develop a number of Business Simulation models and Apps including Goldratt’s Dice Game and Goldratt Mining Supply Chain Simulation Model that is available in the IOS and OS X Mac App stores. At GRL, Jaco-Ben is responsible for Technology and Simulation Projects.

Dr Benjamin Schumann
Simulation Expert

Ben is passionate about simulation and is a recognized thought leader in the community. He delivers innovative keynote speeches, co-hosts a simulation podcast and writes a blog on all things simulation. He joined Goldratt Research Labs in 2018 focusing on productionising simulation models for a broader audience. Ben started his passion for simulation during his PhD in Complex Systems Simulation at the University of Southampton (UK). After that, he worked with decisionLab, a boutique simulation consulting firm in London for three years. Before joining Goldratt, he worked as a simulation consultant with McKinsey & Company, Inc., predominantly in their supply chain and mining practices.

Dr. Andrey Malykhanov
Simulation Expert Russia

Andrey is one of the leading experts in applying simulation and data analysis techniques to solve complex and challenging business tasks, especially in logistics, inventory management and production. Andrey has 5 years of experience in business consulting and 7 years of experience in practical simulation. In 2011 Andrey was awarded a Ph.D. degree in simulation. Andrey is an expert in using AnyLogic, the preferred simulation modeling software used by Goldratt Research Labs and has worked with his experienced simulation and data analytics team with Dr. Alan Barnard on a few large and complex simulation projects to show for example the benefits that Theory of Constraints can bring when applied, not only to links within a supply chain, but to optimize the whole supply chain.

Vitor Lemos
Simulation Modeling and Machine Learning

Vitor holds and M.S.c in Industrial Engineering, specialized in supply chain analytics. More than 5 years of experience in agent-based and discrete event simulation modeling applied to many different business areas. Also built digital twins of complex systems, such as industrial assets maintenance and reliability. He is a passionate coder, trying to leverage the latest technologies for better and more informed decisions.

Zelle le Roux
Toc Expert, Melbourne, Australia

Zelle holds a BEng degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering (Cum Laude) and is a multi-skilled problem solver who relishes the challenge of finding simple, yet elegant solutions for improving complex systems. She is a TOCICO certified TOC practitioner in Supply Chain Logistics and she holds a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering (Cum Laude). Zelle has extensive experience in using Theory of Constraints and simulation modeling to help organizations improve productivity in the manufacturing and distribution environment and in using simulation models in strategic planning and management training. She is also Microsoft Excel and Harmony Strategy & Tactic Software super-user.

Zelle prides herself on delivering excellence, living passionately and making a meaningful contribution to the people and organisations that she engages with.

Dan Klarman
Management Consultant Israel

Dan acquired a Master’s degree in Physics from Tel-Aviv University and held several managerial positions in various fields (including the military, education, R&D and security) before plunging into the world of TOC to become a consultant.

In 2010 Dan started freelance work for Goldratt Research Labs and joined officially in 2012. In this role he has facilitated training and improvement initiatives with organizations that include the State of Utah, Random House Publishing, SAP, Tata Steel and others, and have assisted in numerous TOC Odyssey programs around the globe. Dan collaborates on development and implementation for Harmony Software.

He has accumulated experience in teaching and implementing TOC processes and enjoys seeing people make major breakthroughs for themselves and realize the vision they have for their organizations. His focus strengths include special implementations of DBM and S-DBR, as well as using TOC for value add in ERP implementations.

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