12 Months $3.33
per month
(Total $39.99 per 12 month)
per month
(Total $79.99 per 12 month)
1 Month
per month
(Total $3.99 per 1 month)
per month
(Total $6.99 per 1 month)

Discount Code SCH50 (50% Off) UNI50 (50% Off) NGO50 (50% Off) GOV50 (50% Off)
Discount 10% 15% 20% 25%

Reseller Commissions (only valid for 12 month subscriptions)

Resellers receive 20% on the value of all licenses sold using their unique Reseller Code / Link, if the sales value per quarter exceeds $500.00

Note On Updating Your Subscription

Whether a user invests in a monthly or annual subscription license, they should be aware that at the end of their subscription period, they will be prompted to renew the subscription as a pre-requisite to continue Harmony usage.